Sights of Mount QingCheng

It is hard to capture the real impressions on a trip to anywhere spectacular. Whilst we experience we do not contemplate, and afterward don’t reflect on our observations. Such trips retain themselves mostly as sights and indentations in our thoughts. Below are some of those images, written and photographed [click on images for full size files].


On the roundabout of the highway.
Pansy strokes broad around.
Sat on a stone, knees and laps together,
arms wrapping around,
a man stares down the road,
amidst the model flamingoes.




On water round. Two sharp tails. A crown on a jutting body, pied like a brittle chessboard.


Like towers of cleaver edges                                            Slopes as steep as the trees
For sale palm trees                                                                       Sharp stabs downward
Array like a shifting wood                                              Torn bamboo spear tips float
Round your approach                                                              Above the ground. Bound
And dwarfed old tower blocks                                                                         in tree tops
All paint details riven with                                                        With leafs and twigs and
river pattern peelings.


Street lights chandelier tulips up, and blocken down. Four sides, four curled up, shard   sharp iron beaks, with red bulbed eyes, phoenix stare at the lamppost’s jugular.




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