Gluten Free No-oven Pizza Recipe

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This is for a pan-fried buckwheat based bread. Normally I use it as a pizza base because it has a solid “deep-pan” structure which can handle being cut up without falling into pieces. You could use it as a quick bread alternative if you wanted – though, like most gluten free stuff it doesn’t keep its qualities very long and a bit of toasting never hurts to add more flavour and bite.

If you are vegan this recipe can be easily adapted in line with your normal practices – just change ratios so that there is more buckwheat and thus more binding.

This recipe is designed for the person who, for whatever reason, has no oven or access to typical GF ingredients– for example if you live in China. Therefore it is a rough and ready recipe, I give measurements but in no way should they be seen as definitive. My rule of thumb is that if you put salt in and make it go a bit golden in the pan it’ll be alright; so if you don’t have this or that, just try it anyway (or throw something else in) it’ll probably be ok.

Picture instructions:

Start with getting your yeast ready following whatever instructions, equivalent to a loaf of bread.


Next get your dedicated mixing bowl – in my case the bowl from the rice cooker. Then we add our dry ingredients: about 2 cups of buckwheat, half as much cornmeal, then half as much again of rice flour, some starch (the packet says cornstarch but actually it’s pea starch!) and salt and pepper. As you can see I do everything by eye, the main point is that you want the majority buckwheat which is sticky and binds together well. The corn gives it a bit more flavour, and the rice flour helps it be a bit crunchier when cooked.


Phew, now all that’s mixed you can either sit aside and wait for the yeast or “crack on” and add an egg.



We now add in the yeast liquid and some milk (it always seems to help binding) and mix. It wont take long to mix and you should add the milk a little at a time – there is a certain point with the dough that it’s quite hard to get back to if you miss it. Basically you are looking for the dough to just be holding together but still be pretty sticky, without being wet. If you touch it should stick to your finder and look a little like icecream as you stir it:



Scrape the stuff off your spoon, cover and leave to rise.

Because my kitchen only has two hobs, now is the time to start preparing any toppings – I am going to dry fry some tomatoes with some spring onion, add a bit of ketchup and vinegar and stir it on a high heat till it goes mushy and starts to catch.




Now it’s time to make our pizzas. Oil the surface with a fair glug of oil and tip the risen dough straight into the oil. A line of the dough will stay stuck to the bottom of the bowl – I suppose you could transfer it to another oiled bowl before leaving it to rise, if you’re the kind of posho with two purpose built rice cooker bowls!


Make sure your hands are oily – it is a very sticky mixture – and that the dough is covered in oil. Split into two half and pick one up and in a quick, clapping/turning motion stretch it out into a rough circle. In the picture you can seen an example – but you can not roll it onto the surface, there is no way to lift that disc without it turning into the blob.P1040191

So in order to get it thin enough you turn on your dry pan. Flatten your dough in your hand and then slap it into the pan, then use the back of your hand to carefully stretch it out.

P1040194Cook on a medium high heat for a few minutes then, flip and cook the other side. The surface will begin to turn golden and catch slightly. P1040199

When it is cooked it will look like this – if you squish it, it doesn’t bounce back but wont turn into completely mush either.

Now I have my bases! They’re finished, they only take about 5/6 minutes to cook. I’m going to finish it off with my tomato sauce and some mozzarella – melting cheese in the pan works surprisingly well and if you let it burn you get the sweet crispy bits which makes mozzarella so good.

Then you can just pour and spread this on add your toppings, these have curried tofu and pickled red onion, and slice with a knife!


The finished product!


Gluten Free No-oven Pizza Recipe

Buckwheat flout — 2 cups
Cornmeal — 1 cup
Rice flour — ½ cup
Corn starch — 1tbsp
1 large egg
Yeast (of some description)
Milk –- ½ cup (approx)


  1. Prepare your yeast according to instructions.
  2. Mix all dry ingredients, with seasoning ( 1tsp salt/pinch of pepper)
  3. Add large egg, mix.
  4. Add yeast and mix.
  5. Add the milk in a bit at a time. Your aim is to create a dough which just holds as a lump which is sticky but not wet. (See the pictures for more detail). If you add in too much use a bit of cornmeal/rice flour to get it back.
  6. Cover and leave to rise.
  7. Oil a work surface and your hands – use a fair bit of oil this will stick easily.
  8. Tip dough out, it will not come out cleanly leaving some stuck to the bottom – leave it as a sacrifice to the sink.
  9. Turn on hob and get pan hot but not smoking.
  10. Squash into a ball and divide in two.
  11. Pick up, making sure oil covers your dough and squish it between hands in a clapping motion, it will start to fall to pieces quickly so as soon as you have a roundish shape slap it into the pan.
  12. With the back of your hand gently push dough so that it is flatter.
  13. Dry fry for a few minutes and use a spatula to flip, it never works if you try to flip it like a pancake.
  14. Do the other side for a few minutes – it might start to catch and should go golden brown in places. If you want to check if it is done see pictures. Set aside under a cover until ready to add toppings.

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