Good morning Panda!

Come on Pandas, time to show the nice people what Pandas can do!


Yay for sitting! Good service Mr Full-time panda. Who’s next…


I’m guessing you’re not actually asleep, Mr Rock-Panda, just posing, coz it’s time for service!

P1040281 (2)

Wonderful Mr Tree Panda – show off your ability to ineffectually grip sticks.


Now come on Panda-kun, it’s time for you to get up and earn your pay!


Oh, yes, that’s much better some Panda yoga. Oh no, wait..


Are you fighting!?!


Nope, that’s enough service, you might wake up the little ones!


Ok, good work. Now, just one more to check. Oh yes, Bamboo Scramble Panda-san.


Oh, well, you’re – did you even go to sleep?



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