Our top 5 travels of 2016

Choosing to live and teach abroad has given us the opportunity to travel and see more of the world. As it’s the end of the year, we thought we’d remember some of the best places we’ve visited and perhaps inspire some wanderlust. 

1. Longji Rice Terraces, China


Can you conceive of a more stunning place? Hiking through these rice terraces in 3o degree (celcius) heat was utterly breathtaking. I would go back there again in a heartbeat.


2. Grassington, UK

If I had put this as my number one, I doubt you would have read any further, but this small town has a place in my heart forever. Three blissful nights were spent in a b&b cottage, traipsing picturesque English countryside and spending warm evenings eating pub food with a few pints. Oh, and I was asked a very special question by Jonny, which I obviously said yes to!



3. Kampot, Cambodia

Most of my travels are meticulously planned and to places I’ve longed to visit, but our trip to Cambodia was purely based on the fact that it was near China and would be hot! Whilst most people go to visit Ankor, we far preferred the sleepy town of Kampot. Trips to salt farms, tuk tuk rides through the countryside and pink sunsets are just a few of the delights of this small town. If you go to Cambodia, be sure to make the trip to Kampot.


4. Xi’an, China

Terracotta warriors, ancient city walls, great street food and trinkets in the Muslim quarter – Xi’an is a great place to visit. And visiting the Terracotta Warriors is something we will never forget.



5. Ko Lanta, Thailand

We are not “beach people” and relaxing holidays aren’t our kind of thing, so looking back on it, booking 8 days on an island in Thailand seems like a strange decision. But I have never seen (or am likely to see) a more perfect sunset, whilst sat crossed legged on some cushions in a reggae bar, sipping a cocktail and feeling at peace.


Places that didn’t quite make the list but are worth the mention include the earth forest of Xichang, the waterfalls of Wulong and, obviously, the fantastic city of Chongqing which we currently live in and love.


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