My commute from work – Chongqing

Hello *waves*. I currently live and work as a teacher in Chongqing. On a recent bus ride from work, I mused on my feelings about my travels to and from work, compared to how I felt in the UK.

When I think of my journey to work in the UK, the commute forms in my mind as a dull, grey blur of double decker buses and train rides in the West Midlands. I would dread going there and journeys back were spent (typically) in a bad mood and a severe impatience to get home.

But now? The pre-work dread is gone. I actually quite like my journey and forget at times how different it is from England. So here I’ve recorded it, to look back on when I’m no longer in Chongqing.


When I arrive at work, it’s a ten minute walk across campus to the teaching buildings. The campus I’m at is centred around a small lake, with a walkway next to it surrounded with trees.

P1050972 (2)

It’s quite hard not to like this walk into work. The teaching buildings are behind the pink trees.

P1050981 (2)

Once lessons are over and the students stomp and pound towards the canteen, I board the bus home. Pollution often provides a greyish tinge to the sky, but on the odd days when the sun can come through the dusky sky lights up.

P1050990 (2)

Once off the bus I start my walk home along the busy streets of Chongqing, past the street food sellers and shops. The street food is always worth a glance, as nowhere else I’ve visited does street food quite as well as China.

P1050994 (2)

My favourite are the steamed buns, kept in huge steamers and sold for a few yuan each.

P1060001 (2)

I finish my walking by passing a number of hotpot places (because, in China, it seems sensible to have a row of restaurants that are the same. I haven’t worked out why). The smell of boiling chili and sichuan pepper is surprisingly delightful.

P1060003 (2).JPG

What’s your commute to work like? Do you enjoy it or hate it? It would be interesting to hear your experiences!



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