The weird and wonderful Foreigner’s Street, Chongqing

For those of you visiting Chongqing, you may have heard tales of a magical land called Foreigner’s street. What is this place? Is it worth a visit? Well never fear, because we went investigating to find out for you.

P1060773 (2).JPG

In a short, single sentence summary; it is the best-worst theme park you will never visit. However, if you’re in Chongqing it’s worth visiting simply for the tacky oddness of the place.

Originally designed to be a pedestrian style street with foreign bars and restaurants, this place was also meant to have a sex theme park nearby. Sadly, neither of these ideas ever came to fruition and instead the park contains a series of less-than mediocre rides, odd buildings and recreations of landmarks.

See the fun in everything

Not only is this a good motto for life, but it will make the ridiculousness of this place more hilarious.

Catch the park train for only one yuan! Where does it go to? Who knows, but let’s get on it and make some memories.


Shortly after pulling off, the train took us past this beautiful scenic landscape:


This train ride is so peaceful. I feel like I’m in the countryside. Ignore the whiff of sewage rising from the dump.

The train takes a turn and ends up adjacent to the river. Views of the river, complete with industrial units, abound.


We turn again and head through a building. We’re able to see staff at work.

An essential view on any train ride

And the train ride comes to an abrupt end. What next? How about a walk through a ghost house, complete with … well … whatever this is.


Or a go on the log flume. Keep your eyes and mouth closed though, because the water smells dodgy….

You can’t quite see the look of fear on my face, but it’s there

Or you could always take your dog on the dodgems.

P1060840 (2).JPG

But whatever you do, always remember the one key rule of Foreigner’s Street.

Was it happening so often that someone decided to make this sign to curb it?

End your trip with a cable car ride across the park, a delightful jaunt, unless you fear heights.


See the panoramic views of the water park, which is surprisingly awesome looking. If you go on a sunny day, remember to take your swimming costume.


Or simply enjoy the mind boggle over who this dancer is dancing for. There are no customers around? Why bother? Why?

P1060857 (2).JPG
Those two guys are staff. Who is the audience?!

End your trip by being manhandled out of the cable chair. It’s compulsory.

All in all, you should definitely go – the strangeness of the place cannot be captured by pictures or words – it has to be seen for one self. Extra points if you manage to find the “Small Brawny Man”

Getting there

I’ts not close to any metro stops and the buses there aren’t the most fun (cheap but extraordinary slow). We recommend getting a taxi. Just ask to the taxi driver to take you to: 美心洋人街



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