Chilling out in Chiang Mai

Mid-term week in April gave us an unexpected week off from work and we decided to head out of China and search for a super laid-back holiday. I LOVE planning and organising and normally create elaborate plans for everything we will see and do but with Chiang Mai we decided to change our holiday style and take everything super slow. Our only specifics were: no elephant parks. Despite the lack of preparation it ended up being one of my favourite holidays.


The first place we stayed in was a converted rice barn with a balcony attached which we found on Airbnb. The place was situated on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, had a village feel and was very quiet. On Sunday, our delightful Airbnb host took us with him to an organic local market. The place was busy, friendly and relaxed. Stalls sold fruit and veg, dry snacks and juices, Thai dishes and jewellery. There were so many coffee stalls with the most delicious coffee. There was a live band and places to sit and watch. We spent a good few hours there and picked up a LOT of food.

Mmmmm juice


Coffee in Chiang Mai was amazing and we spent quite a lot of our time hanging out and relaxing in the different cafes dotted within walking distance of our Airbnb. By far the cutest cafe was the Lucky Bunny Cafe, run by the sweetest couple who offered one hour bunny “lessons” to educate people about rabbits and how to look after them.

Awwww cuteness
The face of reluctance to leave a rabbit

After three days we moved to a hotel with a swimming pool just north of the city centre. Whilst we were reluctant to leave the calm and peaceful outskirts, being closer to the city centre did mean that were were closer to restaurants with gluten free FOOD.

The yummiest gluten free food – Salsa Kitchen
Gluten free pad thai – Cool Breakfast

No “chilled out” holiday would be complete without a trip to the spa, and we decided to be brave and try a massage, despite being the type of people who normally look for holiday activities which don’t involve strangers touching you. I have to say that despite my nerves, Makkha Health Spa was nothing but relaxing.

Baths – such a rare treat for British expats in China
Complimentary post-massage mango sticky rice, eaten in record speed time

Obviously our trip to Chiang Mai wasn’t complete without a visit to a couple of the many temples.


Wat Umong

We ended our trip in the Farm Cafe and felt very sorry to be leaving.

Jonny’s vegan burger – how amazing does that look??
The garden area at Farm Cafe

Thank you Chiang Mai for the most relaxing stay.




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